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What Does Alzheimer’s Feel Like?

Alzheimer patients experience confusion in ways that their healthcare providers cannot necessarily relate to.  Yet we expect that they are able to empathize with their patients’ situation.

But how can they if they don’t know what Alzheimer feels like?

September was World Alzheimer’s Month, and in recognition of the issues facing Alzheimer’s patients, Great Oaks Care Home in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, introduced the use of virtual reality to help patients through the care they receive.  Professional healthcare providers were  encouraged to experience the world through their patients’ eyes with the help of a 20kg (44lb) “dementia suit” or “age simulation suit” which includes virtual reality to induce confusion similar to what an Alzheimer’s patient might experience.

According to Training 2 Care, the company which ran the sessions. It says VR “is medically and scientifically proven to be the closest that we can give a person with a healthy brain an experience of what dementia might be like”.

The exercise is designed to encourage empathy for the patients they care for. Read More



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