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We do what we do because we genuinely love VR and we have a lot of fun sharing our gameplay with you via our YouTube channel!  This month we challenged ourselves to try out as many horror-themed VR experiences as possible, and the results have been interesting.  (Well…mostly traumatic and funny in a schadenfreude sort of way, but still very interesting!)  Some of us have had more than enough jumpscares to last a lifetime and are swearing off horror VR forever, while others (myself included) are more amazed than ever at what this medium is capable of delivering.

Don’t get me wrong—now that October is winding down, my nerves are very grateful that I can stay out of spaces like Affected: The Manor for a while, but in looking back at the recordings of my reactions to these games—even on the third or fourth run through—I’m just in awe of how real it still felt each time.  In most of the horror experiences that I’ve tried, I’ve had to actively remind myself that I’m still safe in the office or my living room just to keep my breathing in check.  I can’t think of any PC or console games I’ve had to do that with—Doom included.

To many, this probably sounds pretty awful.  I had more than one person ask me why in the world I was doing this to myself after watching the videos and I can understand why.  I’ve always enjoyed scary movies though and this is now just a whole new level of that love.  For every person that’s ever sat back on their couch and judged a shrieking girl for running upstairs with a killer after her, or smirked when someone says ‘we should split up,’ I double-dog dare you to put yourself in one of these experiences and see if you’re still so smart and tough once it feels much more real!

Our Baroness of Harmony kept the villains in check at our VR Halloween party!

To cap off our festively frightening month of gameplay, we invited our friends and family into our lab for a pre-Halloween costume party.  After scaring ourselves silly for the last few weeks it was so much fun to watch them see what we’ve been going through in these games!  Most of all, it was great to share a taste of this medium that we love so much with our awesome friends and family.

Thanks to everyone who came to play!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed following along this month!  November will be much calmer though, we promise.  Stay tuned!


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