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Everyone loves a good story...and everyone has a story to tell.

In order to connect with your clients, your story should be compelling, relatable and gripping.

At OffWorld Laboratories, we help you capture your client’s attention and keep it. We offer virtual reality and 360 videos to help you make a lasting impression.

We’re excited to take this medium to the next level and explore how virtual and 360 experiences can increase your engagement and capture your clients in an immersive and unique way.


Online Presence Design

Online Presence Design

Every organization needs an online front door , and we’re here to make sure yours is wide open. Whether you need a new site, a redesign , or just want to ensure that you’re delivering a mobile-friendly layout that works seamlessly for everyone, we’ve got you covered. If you’re ready to go to the next level with a full branded app, we create experiences your customers won’t forget.

Multi-platform Storytelling

Multi-platform Storytelling

Can you possibly separate online presence design from the 360? From smartphone apps to immersive virtual reality experiences including 360-video, we’ve got the team to get you noticed!

VR Design for Wellness

VR Design for Wellness

Virtual reality presents new opportunities to make a real impact. We push the boundaries of this exciting medium and explore how VR experiences deliver real improvements in people’s well-being. If you’re a thought leader in the wellness space and would like to explore how VR can help you to change the world, we want to work with you!


Create new and meaningful ways to connect with your viewers with 360 video and virtual reality content.



Our first release, currently in production, is AmazeBowl—a fun new multi-player take on the bowling experience. Players will enjoy exciting, immersive environments full of surprises as they bowl their way to fun and relaxation.

Available now on Steam


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